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7240 Muirfield Dr Suite 100 Dublin, OH 43017
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Located in the northwest corner of Columbus, the Cutler office in Dublin on Muirfield Road is unlike most real estate offices. The open modern layout encourages cross communication and sharing of ideas between our Realtors, clients, and staff.  Thus motivating each person to go above and beyond to adhere to our Cutler motto “Find a way to say ‘Yes!’”

Cutler staff members at the Dublin Muirfield office possess widely varying experiences and backgrounds.  Always looking for ways to use their knowledge to provide accurate, skilled analysis, and sound real estate advice. Our office manager/coach is focused on helping realtors succeed in a dynamic market. Our team is grateful and inspired to be working with select real estate professionals whom we believe are the most dedicated, capable, honest and hard-working in Central Ohio.

This team of realtors and staff are not only hard workers, but there is a keen sense of camaraderie too. We like to have fun! We understand that supporting our realtors with a great working environment, ongoing educational opportunities, and encouragement will be the key to their success.

The Dublin Muirfield office hosts the Scottish Corners Children’s Art Show and leads the Cutler Karma Keg charity events all over Central Ohio. This office is also involved in the City of Dublin events such as the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, the Irish Festival, the Dublin Chamber and more.

If you thrive in a people centric atmosphere, where you will receive support and encouragement, this is the office for you! Welcome Home!

Stephanie Sciabarrasi

REALTOR® 410-949-5156

Andrea Surace

REALTOR® 402-981-3864

Carrie Everingham

REALTOR® 614-746-5690

Jeff Swaddling

REALTOR® 614-598-7488

Christa Wike

REALTOR® 614-348-2231

Jayme Staley

REALTOR® 614-783-0854

Maria Maronitis

REALTOR® 614-432-2854

Lori Hodak

REALTOR® 614-327-5990

Joan Thompson

REALTOR® 614-400-3113

Marsha Amicon

REALTOR® 614-519-9456

Pam LaMonica

REALTOR® 614-565-1208

Jamie Manning

REALTOR® 614-787-0160

Vicki Russell

REALTOR® 614-218-5274

Anestis "Nes" Kalagidis

REALTOR® 614-395-6377

Nicholas Manus

REALTOR® 614-329-0093

Jodie Bobco

REALTOR® 330-957-6228

Curt Mahlstedt

REALTOR® 614-401-6366

John C. Hart

REALTOR® 614-774-4425

Katherine Lucas

REALTOR® 614-206-3029

Andie Brown Frisky

The Brown Frisky Group Team Lead | REALTOR® 614-477-6212

Andrew Hursh

REALTOR® 937-844-1431

Brad Winter

REALTOR® 614-935-0545

Mark Acevedo

REALTOR® 614-398-1530

Amanda Lucy

The Brown Frisky Group Team Member | REALTOR® 614-218-8513

Deb Saczawa

Office Manager | REALTOR® 614-296-5970

Amie Clark

REALTOR® 614-352-4687

Molly Amsler-Silcott

REALTOR® 614-560-4412

Steven Stropes

REALTOR® 614-832-7796

Deb Saczawa

Office Manager | REALTOR® 614-296-5970

Kiley Schlaf

Administrative Assistant 614-401-5334